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I spent nearly 20 years in professional services marketing, sales, and business development. Before launching GoodSeeker I was the CMO of one of the top midsize consulting firms in the country. Amazing team.

I always knew success stories from clients about the positive impact of our work held a lot…

Nashville Edition

This is the first release of our new program to find story rich and culture strong companies in America.

New insight for Job-Seekers. More visibility for values-driven cultures.

Do you want to grow your career with a company whose culture is focused on helping employees at all levels thrive and succeed?

One sign to look for is whether or not a company and leadership are committed to delivering a positive employee experience. …

I’m often asked why GoodSeeker exists.

My Eureka moment came when I (as a former CMO) had the opportunity to work with recruiting and HR. I learned a lot about employee sentiment, employee ambassadors, and the impact of anonymous employer review sites. I learned that the perception of your employer…

Great employee experience conferences marketers should attend

Employee experience conferences great for marketers in 2020

Today’s top companies have started to merge brand, customer, and employee experiences together in their Employer Brand. Gone are the days of them functioning separately and resulting in inconsistent company impact and execution. HR and marketing professionals have started to bridge and align Customer Experience with Employee Experience. …

What are we moving towards? When it’s ok to be hateful because apologizing earns you praise. What happens when hate finds its way into work? Will people be happier. More productive. More committed to quality. More focused on the customer. More focused on the team. Will companies perform at their best when hate is acceptable? There is not a CEO on earth who would say that hate makes business better. The more we shrug it off the more likely we are to end up losing the things we value most. Most adults spend the bulk of their adult life working. Which means businesses can play a vital role in bringing back civility and showing people that division is not the path to progress. Businesses can not afford to divide, and we can not afford to tolerate hate — no matter what side of the party lines you fall.


Software to collect success stories and testimonials from employees and customers. Spotlight talent and boost your brand.

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